Top Mobile Apps by Government of India

Top Mobile Applications By Government Of India With the advancement of technology, we have always tried to make our life easier and fast.  So does the the government that’s why there are various Mobile Apps by Government of India launched under its Digital India campaign. These government applications helps its users by providing many facilities easily like getting information about Railways, tax rates, Booking food for train journey etc. The government has also encouraged people to go cashless by promoting many useful apps. Some of them are discussed below. BHIM APP Bharat Interface for Money or BHIM is a mobile app developed by National…
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How to get free SSL certificate for your website

Getting Free SSL Certificate for your website or Blog As you must be knowing if you are going to start a website it is important to have an SSL certificate installed on your website. Today in this step by step guide I am going to tell you how you can get free SSL certificate for your website. We will use Cloudflare CDN for this purpose. Cloudflare is a famous CDN service provider. Which cache you websites static content live CSS files, JS files, images to its CDN servers near the websites visitors location to serve the content faster. Its also…
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Top mobile phones under 15000 (updated on May 2018)

Top phones under 15000 In today’s time smartphones play a really important role in our life and if you are looking for a new phone under 15000 category then it becomes very tough to decide which phone to buy because there are lots of mobile phones are available in the market which has amazing features in this price range. Today here in this platform we are going to tell you about the best phones under 15,000 in India. These mobile phones are popular for their modern features, design, large screen, clean software. So have a look at our top picks…
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How does the technology of Blockchain Works?

What is Blockchain? Before someone jumps into how the technology related to blockchain works, it is crucial to understand the definition of the same. Before you burn your fingers into something, you must be aware of the substance bringing the sense of burning on your fingers, isn’t it? The same is true for blockchain technology as well. Bitcoin, for an instance, is a growing experiment that participants all over the globe are still trying to figure out the protocols of! Speaking of blockchain technology, one can consider the same as the public ledger of the transactions related to cryptocurrency. It…
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Huawei Honor 7X – Price and Specification

Want to buy a new smartphone this weekend? Or a holiday agenda that you have looking to buy for a really long time?But what to choose when you have such a huge range of options to choose from? A huge range of options to choose from but the budget is the biggest problem, right? What if we feature a product where you have the perfect combo of both budget and features. Yes, we are talking about the perfect bending cover and there is nothing like the Honor 7X loaded with all the cool features and a handy budget to go…
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Best Phones under 20000 (November 2017)

If you are looking for a smartphone then it becomes very tough to buy a mobile because there are lots of mobile phones are available in the market which has amazing features as well as price. Today in this article we are going to tell you about the Best Phones under 20,000 in India. These mobile phones are popular for their modern features, design, large screen, clean software and the list will go on and on. If you have a tight budget, then you can check our list of Best Smartphones Under 15,000 in India. So have a look at…
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How Self Driving Cars Works? (A brief Explanation)

Self Driving Cars or Driverless Cars A self-driving car or Driverless Cars have the capability of detecting its condition and exploring without human interaction. To fulfil its task, every vehicle is typically furnished with a GPS unit, an inertial route framework, and a scope of sensors including laser rangefinders, radar, and video. The vehicle utilizes positional data from the GPS and inertial route framework to localize itself and a rotating, roof-mounted LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging – a technology similar to radar) sensor to collect information and to refine its position estimate as well as to build a three-dimensional image of its environment.…
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OnePlus 5T specification and Comparison with OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5T is the latest flagship smartphone from the Chinese company OnePlus. The phone was to be launched within the month of November. The phone is an upgrade to the OnePlus 5 that was launched earlier this year in June. The new OnePlus 5T has carried all the main specification and options of its precursor. Notably, OnePlus 5T has been launched at the same price as its predecessor – this will be a relief to those looking to buy a new smartphone. But at the same time disappointment for those who just bought OnePlus 5 a few months back. Let Start’s Screen…
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What is bitcoin

What is Bitcoin and how Bitcoins are mined?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency which has gained popularity over the years. If you are new to Bitcoins you may have several questions in your mind like from where Bitcoins come? Where can I get them? Is Bitcoins Legal? In this article, I am going to tell you about Bitcoins in detail which will help you to know all about Bitcoins. These are the topics that we will discuss in this article What is Bitcoin? Interesting things about Bitcoins Why Bitcoin? How Bitcoins works? Value of Bitcoins Bitcoin Mining How to buy Bitcoins in India? What is Bitcoin ? Bitcoin…
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Flipkart’s Billion Capture+ : Key specs, price and everything you need to know

India’s biggest e-commerce Flipkart has chosen to jump into the aggressive cell phone space with the Billion Capture+ – a new smartphone. All things considered, phone surely is big on hardware and pretty aggressive on the price. The Billion Capture+ is designed, engineered, manufactured in India and probably accompanies premium specifications generally found in flagship phones. The Billion Capture+, which accompanies a double camera setup at the back, genuinely powerful internals with a metal body, is set to be available on Flipkart from November 15 ahead. Flipkart claims the phone has been created after intense information gathering by millions of…
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